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We are striving to make all customers as happy with our products as possible, while honouring the philosophy of Oberon (as we interpret it), as known from its creator Niklaus Wirth.

Issues in the Mac programs

If you find a bug, please send a mail pointing out the problem, and we'll do our best to solve it as soon as possible. Please note that the free Oberon Core application on the Mac App Store will require some extra days for Apple's review process.

Issues in Oberon

As far as the Oberon system is concerned, defined by the documents and modules that Prof. Wirth provides (and regularly updates), we are still disinclined to change his code. This is to preserve the original elegance and subtle greatness of his coding style as much as possible.

That being stated, one can make the case that Wirth is more a researcher than a "production programmer", so he may postpone or leave certain issues to be solved by others. As an example, there are spots in the Project Oberon code that cause memory accesses outside the RAM range, which is apparently OK for hardware that ignores these accesses.
This is however a case where we had to make small local edits, since our RISC5 simulator is designed to not tolerate illegal accesses (i.e. to report an error).
Another case will be in the Oberon Workstation product, where we need to make some changes e.g. to allow for different memory sizes.

If you detect something that is obviously an error (i.e. not a missing feature), we appreciate it if you do point that out to us.
In some other cases we may -on demand- describe a proposed change/addition on this web site, like the nice optional feature of keyboard cursor control. Such additions can then be inserted by each user who chooses to.