The Oberon Core application

Oberon Core is our free Mac App Store application that implements "Project Oberon - Revised Edition 2013" from Prof. Niklaus Wirth, hosted on the Macintosh.

The application requires no downloads or special installs. It contains the compiled Oberon system files and sources including the Oberon-07 compiler. The RISC5 processor and i/o devices are simulated within the app, while the workstation screen is displayed in a Mac window.

As a special feature, a variant of Oberon's Files implementation is included, based on a "Files Device" that transparently maps the Oberon file-system into a Folder on the Mac. In this way, exchange of files between Oberon and other Mac applications is possible.

Intended audience

The Oberon Core application is created for people who are interested in original programming, independent of the myriads of - often undocumented and encumbering - products that can be downloaded from the internet. This application lets you work in the same way the great pioneers of computer science worked: in full control, and with a deep understanding of their subject of research.


A Macintosh desktop/laptop computer with at least macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) installed, and an Apple ID to download from the Mac App Store.