General Privacy policy

Reactive Instruments does not collect information about customers beyond what is the minimun that is needed to be able to offer support and, if needed, verify a license. For the Oberon Core application on the Mac App Store the information is nil, since Apple does not make any user data availble to developers. For our Oberon Workstation, we acquire country, email address and buying date of customers, and have access to fulfillment mails that are exchanged between our reseller and the buyer of a program license. We have no access to any payment processing related data such as credit card numbers. We do not pass customer email addresses to any other party. has its own privacy policy statement and terms of use, which is available on their site.

We do not uninvitedly contact users by email, unless you indicated via checkout (payment) that you agree to receive email communications from Reactive Instruments. You can also always later opt out of such messages. We have currently no plans for any newsletters, but it might prove an appreciated option in the future.

We do not publicize any (parts of) email communication e.g. on our website, unless it serves a useful purpose and is explicitly agreed to by you. (e.g. a positive review)

Privacy using the software

Both of our products strictly do not "phone home", in the sense that they do not contact our server without a direct purposeful command by you. The apps will contact our server to look up the Support Page on this site. Oberon Workstation will additionally - when you apply the corresponding menu command - contact our site to check version information, and if applicable look up a download url for downloading a program update. Downloading and installing an update therefore is a manual process.
When our server is contacted, no payload information is conveyed in the url request.
Our software does not have built-in code to collect and send "usage information" (even if quite ubiquitous today), and does not have provisions to enhance "crash reports", which however might be automatically sent to Apple by macOS anyway. We do not use the data collection framework that is offered by, nor any other 3rd party framework.


Oberon Core/Workstation will only read or write user-files in the current selected Oberon directory. This is part of a safety feature implemented by Apple in macOS; it is mandatory in App Store applications, and voluntarily switched on in Oberon Workstation. In addition, Oberon Core applies a safety mark that prevents its files from being casually executed as programs/scripts on the Mac.
Creating a new Oberon directory (folder) is accomplished with the standard macOS selection panel: by choosing/typing an already existing folder name, it is possible to erase the existing folder (as with any other program), but a warning will be displayed.
Of course you can freely move files in- and out of your Oberon Folders, or access them with other Mac Applications.
Note: "user files" refer to all files on your computer, except those in places that are designated by macOS for a program's own management, such as preferences.