If you find an error in Oberon Workstation and would like us to have a look at it, please send an e-mail pointing out the problem. If necessary to illustrate the error, you could additionally send Oberon source code. In that case make sure:

We would like to, but do not have the capacity to assist you with learning to program in Oberon, so please don't count on that service.

Further, presently we have no Oberon board(s) running and can’t assist you with uploading files or images from your Mac to a board.

About Reactive Instruments

Reactive Instruments (previously known as AlgoCoil) is a Netherlands-based technology company founded in 2011 by Roel P. de Jong, a former research scientist at Philips.

I oversee and write everything myself except what i implicitly use from Apple. Of course, Prof. Wirth’s code and other prominent CSc publications are a different matter. My work is reviewed by 2 regular advisors.

Reactive Instruments specialises in friendly products for smart independent people.

Our first product was a genealogy-like product for the iPad, called LiveHistory. Oberon Workstation is a free program for the Macintosh. Its development was started Feb 2015 because i wanted to have Oberon available myself as a reliable and stable programming environment. There may be optional (paid) additions to Oberon Workstation in the future.