About Reactive Instruments

Reactive Instruments (previously known as AlgoCoil) is a Netherlands-based technology company founded in 2011 by Roel P. de Jong, a former research scientist at Philips.

I oversee and write everything myself except what i implicitly use from Apple. Of course, Prof. Wirth’s code and other prominent CSc publications are a different matter. My work is reviewed by 2 regular advisors.

Reactive Instruments specialises in friendly products for smart independent people.

Our first product was a genealogy-like product for the iPad, called LiveHistory.
Oberon Workstation has been a free program for the Macintosh. Its development was started Feb 2015 because i wanted to have Oberon available myself as a reliable and stable programming environment.
In 2018, we renamed Oberon Workstation into "Oberon Core" and continued it as a free program on the Mac App Store.
A new extended application named Oberon Workstation has been "forked off" from the existing program and is available as paid software on this site.