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Oberon-07 language report Project Oberon 2013

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Text stripping module
Remote Logger


Oberon is a general purpose language from the Pascal/Modula/Oberon family, created around 1988 by Niklaus Wirth and Jurg Gutknecht at the ETH Zurich. The language was developed in combination with the Oberon operating system, establishing a single-user workstation type of computer.

Since the creation of Oberon, the system has been enhanced and implemented in several variants and on various platforms. After Wirth retired from teaching at the ETH institute, he resumed working on the original Oberon and related hardware, not to add features and complexity, but to refine and simplify Oberon as much as possible.

The resulting system, Project Oberon 2013, including the RISC5 processor, is a masterpiece of system design, reliability, regularity and responsiveness even on simulated hardware which is usually slow compared to "native" code.

Characteristics Oberon