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Oberon-WebReader/0.9 available 10 April 2019

The example internet access program for Oberon Workstation (1.3) is now available for download as zipped archive. Please see the brief description and screenshot of this textual web browser.
Put the Web.Mod file in your Oberon directory and compile it. You can then open a URL by e.g. Web.OpenURL http://reactive-instruments.eu/index.html

Announcing Oberon-WebReader 4 April 2019

We almost finished the example network client program: "Oberon-WebReader". There is a brief description and screenshot of this textual web browser.

Oberon Workstation update to v1.3.0 available 25 March 2019

This update includes the TCPNet.Mod internet access module, the TCPNet Device, updates to the Oberon System files (latest of Prof. Wirth's changes) and a fix in PROCEDURE Texts.Save. Pse. don't forget to use File > Restore System to copy the changes into your existing Oberon folder(s).
Also, you most likely need to re-compile your own modules, since many system .smb files have changed (their checksums, not the actual exports) due to the updated compiler.
There are still a few omissions in networking, and the TCPNet Device documentation (Mac Help) is still missing. As a user manual for TCPNet.Mod, please consult the page that was submitted earlier today.

Manual TCPNet.Mod 25 March 2019

Added a manual page for the TCPNet.Mod module, to be released in the upcoming Oberon Workstation v1.3.0

Status update 18 March 2019

We are close to releasing the TCPNet.Mod module and TCP Device implementation (and Wirth's latest system updates). The release will be accompanied by a non-trivial example network client program, which was originally meant to validate the interface on the network module TCPNet.Mod and the new TCP Network Device.

Oberon Workstation internet module under development 4 Dec 2018

A Oberon network module using a "TCP connections Device". Preliminary specs: will support max. 32 simultaneous connections, server or client or mixed. Up to 4 listening sockets, so you can set up serving different protocols simultaneously. Module will work at the TCP level, thus application level protocols (http, ftp, <your own>.. ) must be programmed by yourself. Addresses can be IP4 or DNS domain string (e.g. "www.google.com"). UDP, SOCKS, TLS (as in https) not supported, maybe later.

Program update to v1.2.1 21 Nov 2018

A update of Oberon Workstation is available. This comprises minor updates in the Help Text, and addition of a newer version of the Oberon System files (compiler update from N. Wirth).
Oberon Core users (Mac App Store) should have the updated system files already.

Oberon Workstation is available! 16 Nov 2018

Hope everything works well. Please mail us if you find quirks in the buying procedure.

Added support page14 Nov 2018

The support page for Oberon Workstation mainly consists of installation and first-use tips.
We have decided on the reseller for our product: Paddle.com

Added provisional Oberon Workstation License agreement and privacy policy8 Nov 2018

Getting close to releasing. We're still working on some final decisions related to payment processing for Oberon Workstation.

Added product description 31 Oct 2018

We decided on the specifications of the new Oberon Workstation product. This includes intentions for future updates.

New products 19 Oct 2018

As of today, 19 Oct 2018, we continue with a more diversified product set:

Welcome to the new site 19 Oct 2018

The new site is still not finished, but most parts relevant to the new Oberon Core application are in place.